Photograph of Admella Quick Facts

Other Important People

On The Shore

  • Crouch, W, Mount Gambier storekeeper
  • Davenport G.H., Landowner
  • Filder, C., Mount Gambier Shopkeeper
  • Knapman, Robert, Admella AB Seaman - Survivor
  • Leach, John, Admella AB Seaman - Survivor
  • Livingston, John, Curratum Station Owner
  • McCallum, Settler
  • McEachern, D. Landowner
  • Melville, G.B., Robe Harbourmaster
  • Mitchell, Settler
  • Omerod, George, Robe Shipowner
  • Power, David, JP, Mount Gambier Station Owner
  • Scarvell, Mount Schank Station Manager
  • Storey
  • Webb S., Mount Gambier Shopkeeper
  • Wehl, J. Doctor, Mount Gambier
  • Wilson, Mount Gambier Telegraph Office
  • Woods, Mount Gambier Telegraph Office
  • 6 oarsmen, Ormerod's men from Robe


  • Dann, Mount Gambier Police Trooper
  • Young, Mount Gambier Police Trooper
  • Scott, G.B. Penola Police Inspector
  • Lyon, J.C., Special Magistrate

Salvage Rights to the wreck

  • Anderson, Robert