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The ADMELLA 150 FESTIVAL: 'Commemorating a tragedy, celebrating volunteerism' was held from THURSDAY 6 AUGUST - SUNDAY 16 AUGUST 2009


Over 50 co-ordinated events appealing to a variety of ages and interests combining food, music, art, theatre, displays, parades and history were held at various venues in South Australia's Limestone Coast and Victoria's Discovery Coast.  (7 towns in 2 states)

The dates of the Festival helped "mirror" events as they happened in 1859: the Admella was wrecked on 6th August 1859; the survivors rescued on Thursday 13th August 1859 after which they were taken by ship to Portland to recover. In an endeavor to allow visitors to view other areas of the region during the commemoration event, townships were allocated certain days for major events.

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