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Welcome To The SS Admella

Welcome to the Admella and the events that will commemorate the 150th Anniversary of her destruction on Carpenter Rocks, 20 miles west of Cape Northumberland, South Australia.


"Admella 150 Festival " will be held from Thursday 6th August - Sunday 16th August 2009. Over 160 people representing 44 different survivors, victims and rescuers have registered their families interest in attending the Event.  For details on the events go to the "Events" .




Read the newsletters distributed to those registered by going to the "Further Reading Section" of this website.

The Port MacDonnell and District Maritime Museum Inc has recently been granted Deductible Gift Recipient status by the Australian Taxation Department for the Admella 150th Anniversary Fund.  All donations to the fund $2 or over are tax deductible.   The Admella 150th Anniversary Fund will be used to fund projects to commemorate the "wreck of the Admella and those involved".  Projects include a model of the Admella, School's Resource Kit, Multimedia Vignette, and Admella Discovery Trail.   To view details click here. 


The SS Admella was a steam ship of 209 tons (212 tonnes) also fitted with three masts and sails. Her length was 55.6 metres. She left Port Adelaide at 5.30am on Friday 5 August 1859 bound for Melbourne. Early the following morning she ran onto Carpenter Rocks that lie a few kilometres offshore of South Australia, almost due South of the current town of Millicent.

Over the next 8 days, 89 people lost their lives but miraculously, about 24 survived, most of them hanging onto the wreck in raging winter seas for that 8-day period. There was little food and virtually no water and many acts of heroism. Learn more about the Admella story.

Many ships were wrecked along this part of the Australian coast, both before and after the wreck of the Admella, but this wreck is arguably the most famous. It is this fame that has brought together the local governments (councils) of the areas most impacted by the wreck, to create a series of events to mark the 150th anniversary in 2009. Those Councils are the District Council of Grant, which includes Carpenter Rocks and Port MacDonnell, the Glenelg Shire Council, which includes the City of Portland in Victoria, the City of Mount Gambier, the Wattle Range Council, and the Robe District Council.